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silverfiction's Journal

synaesthete; or, the writings of silverrangel
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This is the writing journal of one silverrangel. If you would like to know about her, go to her journal; it is filled with RL, fandom, and spaz. Spam, too. Lots of it. But here it is all about the writing: fanfics, poetry, some original fiction here and there.

Be warned that this journal may contain slash, gender-bending, incest, and other things you don't want the wee ones to know about just yet. x)

And break your heart for the sound it makes
"in the clooo-oooset...", *_* (surprise!), a story finished, accents, androgyny, angst, bedtime stories, being terribly rude, believing in the impossible, books, bookstores, boys, characters, cheeky people, chewing on lip rings, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, clothes, collecting interests, come here my darling, corsets, creation-vacation mucho-masturbation!, creatively substituting grammar, cursing entirely too often, cute japanese girls, dancing like nobody's watching, darling don't ever change, desserts, dialogue, diaries, doodles in margins, draco/harry, dry humor, edmund/peter, emoticons + punctuation (:o!), emoticons(:p) followed by punctuation(!), envisioning plots, eyeliner, fairytale un-endings, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, fiction, film, flowery writing, fluffy pillows, food, frappuccinos, frasier, freedom in general, friends, fruits basket, funniness, gay men, good omens, guitars, hamsters, harry potter, hot boys? groping? yay!, hyde, indie rock, introversion, j-rock, james joyce, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese street fashion, journals, jrock, jumping up and down, kansai accent, la vie boheme!, laughing, laughing entirely too loudly, laughter to tears, lips, literature, loveless, lyrics, making weird noises, manga, miyavi, mohawks, movies, music, music videos, my crazy crazy darling(s), myself, nanowrimo, narnia, new yawk city, nobuta? shuji? kusano? squee!, obnoxious-yet-endearing behavior, pink, plot, poetry, pretty boys, pretty boys in eyeliner, punk, quiet moments of realization, randomness, reading, red shoes, rent, romance, sarcasm, scribbled poetry, shopping, short stories, shounen-ai, singing along, singing in the rain, singing in the shower, sits-in-corner-and-laughs, slash, sleeping, sleeping in on saturdays, spontaneity, sunshine, taking wtf? pictures, talking in your sleep, talking-to-your-pet therapy, tea, the color pink, tim burton, traveling, typing (not penandink), vladimir nabokov, voyeurism, vulnerable draco, walk-down-the-street-and-bob-your-head, watching miyavi play guitar, weird conversations, whispers, words, words on a page, write-first-edit-later, writing, yaoi, , 雅-miyavi.